Bronze for INTRIGA!

Unique Edition Doppelbock
21 September, 2017
International Beer Cup Pura Vida Indie 2017
16 December, 2017

Bronze for INTRIGA! First batch, first medal! From October 16 to 21, 2017, the sixth edition of the Cervezas de America Cup took place, celebrated as it does every year in Santiago, Chile. It is a contest of international level, where beers from all over the American continent participate and judges of international renown meet to evaluate them. Ind this edition exceeded the 1350 samples of various beers from all over America, including Cervecería Clandestina. Our master brewer, Salvador Villacreces, was invited as a judge, so it was difficult not to send samples to the competition. We just started activity in August of that year, and taking into account that the samples had to be sent before the date, for Chile, our first beer batch came out. Of course, getting an award with the first batch, knowing all the difficulties involved in the start of activity of the brewery with totally new equipment was more than unlikely .... even more so when there are breweries of such high level throughout the continent that have been rolling for a long time. But the important thing for us was to receive good feedback from the impressive cast of judges of such high level that the competition had to help us improve. On the day of the awards we followed it with interest for the crowd of acquaintances that participate and for knowing the results, really without many expectations. And suddenly, almost at the end of the award, in the Belgian ale category ... Bronze for our INTRIGA !! The only witbier that won a prize, in a category as competitive as that. What a surprise! Without a doubt it was all an emotion, our first witbier batch had made history, and the fruits of the hard work of initiating activity that had taken us months, were more than rewarded by that award. After this first medal, Intriga has obtained some more, but without a doubt, in Clandestina we will remember that first award as the one that made us start to dream.