International Beer Cup Pura Vida Indie 2017

Bronze for INTRIGA!
21 October, 2017
Seasonal beer Xa’ Madre
18 January, 2018

The Association of Craft Brewers of Costa Rica (ACACR) promoted the first edition of the International Beer Cup Pura Vida Indie, which took place in San José last December as part of the "INDIE FEST 2017" event. An international competition open to breweries of any latitude but of independent character. Such unique competition in Central America aroused our interest in participation. Also, as a judge our head brewer was invited, so in addition to participating we were able to enjoy the full event first-hand. Despite being its first edition, the festival was well represented by high-level beers from various countries, with the massive participation of beers from the USA, and internationally renowned judges. Once again we sought to enrich ourselves with the feedback of the judges and to continue improving our work. We never send a beer to a competition with the certainty of receiving a prize, so when they are naming the winners and our name comes out, it is always a surprise. "Intriga" returned to repeat the bronze medal in the Wheat beer category, this time accompanied by a silver medal for "Nomada" in the Pale Lager category. Two medals in a festival with beers of such high level and with just two months to go on the market, certainly meant a lot to us. Prizes are not everything, but they are part of the path to a good direction ...